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cell phone for hearing impaired

For people with hearing loss, the phone can be a challenge. Ring tones are often too quiet and are hardly noticed. It can also be difficult to understand callers correctly without any repeated questions. Mobile phones developed especially for hearing impaired, both smartphones and cell phones, allow those affected to make calls again without any problems. In addition, they offer many other functions that make everyday life easier.

cell phone or smartphone for you?

At MYSECANDEAR you will find both cell phones and smartphones that are specially tailored to the needs of hearing impaired, hearing aid wearers and seniors. Our models offer you advantages such as extra -red buttons, a need -based volume control of the ringtone or light signals that make you aware of incoming calls. You also have a sophisticated direct selection, which enables you to choose a number with a key pressure. A sound control for the optimal output of high and low frequencies is also standard for all models. In addition, they are all designed for optimal compatibility with hearing aids. Whether you choose a mobile phone or a smartphone depends primarily on your own preferences. For example, smartphones offer additional services with various apps, while cell phones are even easier to use. In the consultation we will be happy to discuss your personal requirements and wishes and show you which model offers you the greatest advantages in everyday life.

smartphones for hearing impaired

The smartphones available from MYSECONDEAR differ in several points from normal smartphones. For example, the volume of the listener and the ringtone can be set extremely loudly - up to 90 decibels are possible. Thanks to screens with large fonts and user interfaces, they are also ideal as smartphones for seniors. Modern networking options also allow the hearing aid to connect the hearing aid to the smartphone via Bluetooth: You can listen to the phone and listen to music with a very high volume directly via your hearing aid, which is also a listener and microphone. It is also possible to control your hearing aid directly from your mobile phone. This works with just a few clicks in an app on your smartphone. The connection to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as television, is also possible in this way, which makes everyday life easier in many ways:, among other things, by an optimized sound quality and the loss of cable salad. Of course, hearing aid compatible smartphones also offer functions that include models for people with good hearing. For example, you can take photos or use different apps to play, communicate or shop.

cell phones

A cell phone for hearing impaired or a cell phone for seniors offers practically the same basic functions as a smartphone for hardening people. The volume of these special cell phones can also be set significantly higher than with comparable models for normal listening, sometimes volume of up to 100 decibels is possible. In addition, you are also hearing aid compatible: you have an integrated Bluetooth function that makes it possible to make calls directly via the hearing aid. Comparatively large, illuminated buttons enable hearing aid wearers even in poor lighting conditions.

In addition, there are special functions such as light signals that draw attention to incoming calls, an emergency button and the voice output of the digits. In contrast to smartphones, cell phones can be used with significantly fewer additional functions that are opened up by countless apps. In most cases, whether you want to use them or prefer a simple hearing aid cell phone depends on personal preferences. Helpful companions in everyday life are definitely both types of cell phones.