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Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Intent Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Intent
Oticon Oticon Intent
From 1.190 € 1.390 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Quarzsand Oticon Real Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Real
Oticon Oticon Real
From 1.490 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / IIC / Beige Oticon Own Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Own
Oticon Oticon Own
From 1.190 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Platin Oticon More Oticon Hörgerät Oticon More
Oticon Oticon More
From 1.390 €
Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Jet Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Jet
Oticon Oticon Jet
From 690,15 €
Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Jet IdO Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Jet IdO
Oticon Oticon Jet IdO
From 790 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Platin Oticon Zircon Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Zircon
Oticon Oticon Zircon
From 1.190 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Silberweiß Oticon Opn S Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Opn S
Oticon Oticon Opn S
From 1.390 €
Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Ruby 2 Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Ruby
Oticon Oticon Ruby
From 1.090 €
Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Xceed 1 Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Xceed
Oticon Oticon Xceed
From 1.490 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Platin Oticon Siya Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Quarzsand Oticon Siya
Oticon Oticon Siya
From 1.090 €
CROS Transmitter only
Oticon Hörgerät CROS / Akku / Quarzsand Oticon CROS PX Sender Oticon Hörgerät Oticon CROS PX
Oticon Oticon CROS PX
990 €
CROS Transmitter only
Oticon Hörgerät CROS / Batterie / Silberweiß Oticon CROS Sender Oticon Hörgerät Oticon CROS
Oticon Oticon CROS
990 €

oticon hearing aids

Oticons origin is located in Denmark - here the company was 1904 founded. Today is Oticon part of the Demant Group and still has About a headquarters in Denmark. The company has had since its foundation Many innovative Hearing aids released and counts the largest manufacturers in the industry. Oticon products are in more than 100 Countries drove out, which is why the company is now more than 3000 employees count. Oticon is also no longer from the German market To imagine away.

the corporate philosophy

Hans Demant founded Oticon for a selfless reason because he wanted support his hearing impaired woman with it. The founding story has up to today influence on corporate philosophy: man and his Needs come first! This orientation is through the oticon Hearing Foundation (German: Foundation). The foundation is around the Provision of hearing aids for financially weak people Hearing damage, in the United States and worldwide. For this purpose a Recycling program launched, which at donations of used Builds hearing aids in good condition to the needy.

The latest hearing aids from Oticon

At Oticon you will find hearing aids of all technology levels, price classes and size. The The following models are current innovations: Oticon more , Oticon Zircon , oticon own , oticon jet ,.

No matter which degree of hearing damage - all devices from oticon can be individually be configured and adapted to your hearing loss. Even a tinnitus Experience BaHandung with the help of an Oticon hearing aid.

Technology levels

Just like other hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon distinguishes its own Models, depending on the performance features and technical equipment, in different technology levels. You can find the hearing aids in the Technology levels 1, 2 and 3. The 3rd stage is the simplest Model, whereas the 1st stage promises more technical sophistication. Adapted to your budget, your technical claim and your lifestyle Select the technological execution of your new hearing aid.

Bluetooth, smart home, noise suppression - everything your ear desires?

Bluetooth connectivity

Oticon hearing aids offer a comprehensive Bluetooth connectivity . Your hearing aids Can be easily with mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet, connect. This enables streaming of music or films with direct Translation of noise on your ear. The compatibility refers to Apple and selected Android products.

Smart Home

Did you know that an integrated in the hearing aids of Oticon Internet connection is located? The connection to the internet opens you New opportunities to use your hearing aid. You can't only A wireless connection to external devices at any time - such as smartphone and Tablet - manufacture. You can also use your hearing aid with smart home products, such as your doorbell, baby monitor or alarm system connect. Your hearing aid informs you through gentle warning tones about that Ringing your door, your crying baby or a triggered alarm

noise suppression

The Hearing aids by oticon filter for They the relevant language from the perceived language flow and Suppress unimportant background noises. In real time you fit your Hearing aid is the volume of the different sources of noise. Through this is an improved, dynamic, sound experience that focuses on that actually makes important.

The OpenSound Navigator and Spatial Sound LX technology have an important position. More than 100 times a second will be yours Surroundings analyzed by the open sound navigator and the entire sound image this reproduced. The sieving of the background noises can be found in one 360 ° radius. In addition, language perception is used with the help of the spatial Sound LX technology distributed evenly on your two ears.

oticon accessories for hearing aids

oticon offers additional technical accessories for their everyday life.

  • Connectclip - For example, the transfer of a phone call to your ear. Also The language of further distant speakers (in meetings, Services, ...) can be transferred directly to your hearing aid if the speaker wears the connectclip.
  • Oticon streamer pro -with You can at the same time Manufacture and signals from different external devices on your hearing aid redirect. The battery of the product holds up to 8 with active use Hours.
  • TV adapter -connect Your hearing aids with the help of the adapter with your television and receive They effortlessly over their hearing aid.

You can find further accessories from Oticon here .

What do oticon hearing aids cost?

Oticon hearing aids at MYSECONDEAR cost between CHF 690 and CHF 2.290 per Ear. The final price for you results after the grant of your Health insurance.

oticon hearing aid prices