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The company Resound

Resound is a Danish manufacturer that belongs to the GN group. His Business foundation by Dr. Rodney Perkins recorded Resound in 1943. Since then the company has developed enormously and a wide Product range set up. Resound offers a variety of hearing aids and Accessories that are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Resound has made it the goal of particularly small and inconspicuous hearing aids to develop. So it can hardly be seen for outsiders that carries a hearing aid to you. Resound's headquarters are located Ballerup, Denmark. A state -of -the -art Technology center in which numerous scientists daily for the Further development and improvement of hearing aid technologies work.

the corporate philosophy

Innovative solutions and an excellent sound are typical features of Resound hearing aids. In addition, the company shines with a timeless one Design as well as great commitment to innovation of new hearing solutions. The The company's focus is clearly on the hearing aid wearers - Resound aims to access everyone to the sonic world and participation to enable this. For a natural listening experience, they are Microphones of the resound hearing aids on the anatomy of your ear canal adjusted. No wonder that resound in our hearing aid test very well cut.

The latest hearing aids from Resound

You can find a video about the manufacturer's models Here . In the following we present the latest model:

The Resound Omnia

The name Resound Omnia bears a novelty of Resound. The Resound omnia is in three different Technology levels, both as Battery , as also available in the battery variant. In the design of the model you have no choice - it is exclusively as Ric (Receiver-in-canal) available. Say, the device will be comfortably in your The ear canal placed and adapts optimally to your ear cup.

In addition, the device can be purchased with an additional M&Rie listener, which through the use of their ear shape and the use of a Additional microphons generated a particularly natural sound. Noticeable is also that this model has a feedback test in the Remote adjustment is possible without any problems.

resound accessories

  • TV streamer - Connect your hearing aid to the TV and listen to its sound directly over your hearing aids.
  • Telephone clip - Comfortable phone calls with crystal -clear language understanding are made possible Through the phone clip.
  • Portable charging station - Line for 3.5 hours - listen to 25 hours. Enjoy up to Three full charges with the portable charging station.
  • Resound remote control - With the remote control, fit your hearing aids independently of your Hearing environment!
  • Mini remote control - The mini variant for the intuitive control of programs and volume Out of your pocket.
  • Multimic - convinced when traveling, in loud environments and lectures. Additionally the multimic also acts as a directional microphone.

You can find further accessories here .

Resound app

Resound has developed the Resound Smart app to you another more individual listening experience. The app allows you to make independent attitudes to your hearing aids. So you can Set different programs or the volume of your listening vary. The settings can also be saved for certain locations become determined in order to automatically determine selected locations when stopped at selected locations To set listening options.

Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of tinnitus management: positions With the help of the app, you can easily calm down noises for neutralization Of their tinnitus.

What do resound hearing aids cost?

In terms of price, they are at a resound hearing aid from MYSECANDEAR between CHF 690 and CHF 2.290 per ear. The final price arises after the Calculation of the grant of your health insurance.

resound hearing aid price list

Please note that in the following prices of the health insurance allowance is not yet included.