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ReSound SureFit 3 Domes for Hearing Aids

Together with the new ReSound Sure Fit 2C and SureFit 3 Hearing Aids, there are SureFit 3 Domes.

The SureFit 2C Hearing Aid differs only in the tab from its predecessor, which had 2 grooves:

The SureFit 3 Receivers are clearly distinguishable from the SureFit 2 Receivers by their gray housing with color coding.

The Domes are offered in different designs and sizes. Open Domes with perforated Dome wall provide good ventilation of the ear canal and a brighter sound. Power Domes are used when devices tend to whistle easily ormore gain is desired in the low frequency range. Tulip Domes have 2 overlapping blades that ensure a good seal, but are not as compact as power Domes. The diameter of the Dome always refers to the largest span.

The SureFit3 Domes are available in the following designs:

  • S open - ø 5 mm - 4 large ventilation holes
  • M open - ø 7 mm - 4 large ventilation holes
  • L open - ø 10 mm - 4 large ventilation holes
  • S closed - ø 5 mm - 2 small ventilation holes
  • M closed - ø 7 mm - 2 small ventilation holes
  • L closed - ø 10 mm - 2 small ventilation holes
  • Tulip dome - ø 10 mm - tulip grille 2 blades
  • Power dome S - ø 7 mm larger Dome - 2 back to back Domes
  • Power dome M - ø 10 mm larger Dome - 2 back to back Domes
  • Power dome L - ø 12 mm larger Dome - 2 back-to-back Domes


  • ReSound Domes for Hearing Aids
  • Spare part for self replacement
  • for SureFit 2C earmolds
  • for SureFit3 earmolds
  • for SureFit3 M&RIE earmolds

Technical Specifications:

  • Silicone Domes for Hearing Aids
  • Connection nozzle 2 mm ø
  • Color: light gray

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x ReSound SureFit3 Dome

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