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Oticon Intent

Technologiestufe: 1
Bauform: Akku
Farbe: Quarzsand
2.190 € 2.690 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

The Oticon Intent

The Oticon Intent is a discreet, rechargeable hearing aid with telecoil and an easy-to-use push button. It gives you a 360° sound environment and has powerful sensors that understand your listening intentions so you can enjoy life like never before. The Oticon Intent also features Bluetooth technology that supports high-quality streaming and hands-free calling.

Oticon Intent features

  • 360° sound environment: The world's first user intent sensors use your head and body movements to seamlessly adjust hearing support as your listening needs change from moment to moment. Even in challenging environments, you get the personalized support you need to hear speech clearly and actively participate in life.
  • Latest BrainHearing technology: Oticon Intent delivers every detail of life by helping your brain engage in the wonderful world around you. It does this by accessing all sounds - not just the speech of the person in front of you - as the brain needs more sound information to process.
  • Better access to speech: The hearing aid gives you better access to speech in complex listening situations by understanding your listening intentions. This allows you to hear more clearly, think more easily and enjoy life more fully
  • Exceptional music experience: With the specially developed Oticon MyMusic program, we offer you amazing sound quality, whether you are listening to live music or streaming it.

Oticon Intent suitability for everyday use

  • Discreet and powerful: Enjoy full hearing performance for a day in just one hour of charging or up to four hours of performance in just 15 minutes* - in our most discreet model yet.
  • Seamless connectivity: Benefit from a wealth of connectivity options, such as streaming music, making phone calls and using the Oticon Companion app to control the hearing aids. Bluetooth® technology makes it all possible.
  • Water and dust resistant: Oticon hearing aids are IP68-certified and can withstand moisture and dust.

*The expected operating time of the rechargeable battery depends on usage behavior, active feature set, hearing loss, sound environment, age of the battery and use of wireless accessories.

Oticon Intent accessories

  • Connect Clip - Wireless stereo headset and remote microphone in one. Enables simple telephony and serves as a microphone to pick up speech from a distance
  • TV adapter 3.0 - Control easily with Oticon ON, without a streamer. Offers a range of 15 meters
  • Remote Control 3.0 - Complete discretion and ease of use. Perform the most common everyday adjustments
  • EduMic - Simple and intuitive to use. Durable one-to-many microphone. Multiple carrying options

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