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Audio Service Receiver 2.0

Side: Left
Thickness: S
Length: 0
69 €
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Audio Service Receiver

The Audio Service earpieces Ex Earpiece 2.0 are available in three different performance classes and in different lengths.

  • The S earpiece is the smallest of the three, with a gain of 45 dB.
  • The M earpieces have a gain of 60 dB with a medium size.
  • P-Power earpieces bring it to 70dB and have a slightly larger housing.

Always use the earpiece that was used before. If you want to change the power class of the receiver, the hearing aid setting should also be adjusted accordingly.

The small hearing aid speakers sit directly in the ear and are exposed to many influences. Even with the best care, it can happen that the ex-hearing aid after some time no longer clean, but only dull or much quieter sound than at the beginning. First, change the small cerumen filter at the receiver outlet to check if it is clogged. If the ex-hearer sounds unclean even with a new filter in place, the entire component probably needs to be replaced.

The Ex earpieces are suitable for the following Audio Service hearing aids:

  • Audio Service Stiline
  • Audio Service Mood
  • Audio Service Rixx
  • Audio service Sun


  • Very small earpiece for comfortable wearing
  • It takes some skill to replace, as the pin for the latch has to be pushed out of the case a bit

Technical specifications:

  • Gain power 45, 60, or 70 dB gain
  • Connection to hearing aid via color shield
  • Available in 5 lengths

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Audio Service Ex Handset 2.0
  • Spare part

Please understand that we can not take back opened packaging for hygienic reasons. The packaging is transparent, so you can see the contents and easily exchange the item in case of accidental misorder.

Manufacturer's warranty

Audio Service provides a warranty period of 12 months after delivery.

Warranty scope

The warranty includes free rectification of defects in workmanship and materials. If rectification is not possible or if it is unreasonably delayed, a replacement delivery will be made.
No warranty claims for the audio service products exist in the event of normal wear and tear, improper handling or care, chemical influences, moisture ingress or overuse. The warranty claim is only possible if the return delivery is in the original condition and proof of the device number.

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