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Oticon EduMic

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Oticon EduMic remote microphone

The Edumic easily attaches to the speaker's clothing with its clip. Its directional microphone picks up the speaker's voice and relays it directly to the hearing aids. With a range of up to 20 meters, you can even find a seat in the back row and still have full reception.

What EduMic can do:

  • External microphone to bridge distances
  • Telephone coil for use in church or theater
  • Media streamer connection to PC, tablet or TV

EduMic can be paired with the following hearing aids:


  • Powers all paired hearing aids within its range
  • Increases concentration as the voice is right at your ear
  • Enables relaxed listening even in noisy environments
  • Compatible with ring circuits in public buildings
  • 3.5mm audio jack for connection to PC, tablet or TV
  • Controllable via Oticon app
  • Connection for Roger X receiver.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 66 × 30 × 22 mm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Color: white
  • Frequency: 150 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Streaming time: approximately 10 hours
  • TwinLink 2.4 GHz technology
  • Signal platform: Oticon Velox S
  • Hi.Mi.:

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Oticon EduMic remote microphone
  • 1x carrying cable
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x user manual

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