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Flow-Med Dry-Cap UV 3 rechargeable drying station

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Flow-Med Dry-Cap UV 3 rechargeable drying station

The rechargeable dry-cap dries and cares for all rechargeable hearing aids with an efficient air blower without thermal stress - ideal for on the go

The new dry-cap uv 3 is the best device in its class when it comes to drying hearing aids. This was achieved by optimizing the flow channel, consisting of suction openings, high-performance blower, turbo channel and drying chamber optimization

At 7,000 rpm, 4.89 m3/h of air is fed directly to the hearing aids via the turbo channel. By improving the flow channel and reducing the distance between the hearing aid and the blower, the drying result is increased by 25%. The moist air can escape unhindered via large side openings. There is no heat input, which is important for rechargeable hearing systems, cochlear processors, in-ear monitors and batteries.

Whether at home or on the go when traveling, the dry-cap uv 3 works with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. This enables the drying, hygienic cleaning and simultaneous charging of rechargeable hearing systems. The LiPo battery is charged using the USB cable supplied. A standard USB 2.0 connection or a 5V USB power supply (e.g. from the hearing aid charging station) is completely sufficient for this. Multiple use of the USB power supply saves resources and enables worldwide mobility. A standard 5V USB power supply is not included in the scope of delivery.

Your advantages

  • Perfect quick drying thanks to efficient air blower
  • Hygienic cleaning thanks to UV-C light
  • Versatile use: Dries and hygienically cleans a variety of other products such as watches, jewelry, cell phones, remote controls, dentures, pacifiers, baby rattles and much more ...
  • Dimensions: W 12 cm x L 12 cm x H 9 cm

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