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Hörluchs HAWEIxs

100 €
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Hörluchs HAWEIxs - The Industrial Hearing Protection

The Hörluchs HAWEIxs is a custom-made hearing protection made of hard-soft acrylate with an integrated carbon fiber filter. It becomes soft and cuddly due to body temperature and sits very comfortably in the ear.

Scope of delivery

  • Filter
  • Case
  • Page identifier
  • serial number
  • Cerumen loop
  • Information for the user
  • Support


The HAWEIxs hearing aid made of resistant hard-soft acrylate is silicone-free and therefore also suitable for work in paint booths. The integrated carbon fiber filter ensures very good warning signal audibility and high speech intelligibility in working noise. The industrial hearing protection is particularly insensitive to dirt and can be easily cleaned with the filter in an ultrasonic bath or with the auriFIX cleaning spray.

After insertion, the Hörluchs HAWEIxs becomes soft due to body temperature, nestles and sits very comfortably in the ear. It is easy to insert or remove with the industrial handle or the optional recessed grip.

The custom hearing protection is manufactured using a reproducible 3D process including a high-gloss and robust "Smart Finish Brilliant" surface finish.

Optimal For:

  • Industrial companies
  • Craftsmen and car repair shops
  • Forestry and agricultural operations
  • Dirt-intensive workplaces
  • Paint shops and paint booths (silicone-free)
  • Food industry (with detection)
  • Construction and road works
  • Overhead work

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