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Hörluchs SOWEI InEar

With the SOWEI INEAR earpiece, your favorite in-ears will fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears. The custom-made earpiece made of 3D SOFT silicone is placed on your headphones instead of the earplugs. They sit securely in any situation, even during sports.


    Everyone knows the problem: your favorite in-ears sound good, but fit poorly and constantly fall out of your ears. The SOWEI INEAR earmold from Hörluchs provides a remedy: with the help of an ear impression, an attachment is made for your headphones that fits perfectly in your ear.

    Now your in-ears sit comfortably and securely in your ear again. Thanks to the improved seal, you can concentrate entirely on the sound. Whether listening to music, on stage, during sports or on the subway - with the SOWEI INEAR earpiece, you have significantly more comfort in every situation.

    Optionally, the SOWEI INEAR is also available with the proven carbon fiber filters from Hörluchs. Musicians can thus better perceive the audience without having to remove the headphones from the ear.

    Note: Not every in-ear model is suitable for use with a custom earpiece, so unfortunately it is not always possible to order.


    • Perfectly adapted to the ear attachment for in-ears.
    • Safe and comfortable fit, even when worn for long periods
    • Ideal for sports
    • Better sealing to the outside
    • Suitable for many different in-ear models
    • Optional filter for better outward seal

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