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Philips Corda MiniFit Tubes

Side: Left
Length: 0
Diameter: 0,9mm
2,99 €
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Philips MiniFit - the almost invisible tubes for Hearing Aids

The thin tubes ensure the flawless sound transmission from the Hearing Aid to the ear and should therefore be renewed regularly.

If the MiniFit have become hard or show discoloration, you can easily replace the tubes yourself. Thus, you avoid any pressure points that may arise from a hardened sound tube, or that the tube breaks.

Philips MiniFit is easy to handle and flexible. It provides a comfortable and secure fit for your Hearing Aid.
Gently twist the old tubing off your Hearing Aid and simply reattach the new one in the same place. Done.

    The tubes come with a support that you can use if the tube slips out of your ear easily. These anchor flags can be shortened to any length.

    The tube length as well as the correct diameter can be read from your existing tube. At the ear canal end is a small engraving with the numbers for diameter and length.


    • Sound tube for Philips Hearing Aids
    • Transparent, barely visible lead wire
    • easy to replace by yourself
    • With anchor flags for good support in the concha

    Technical data:

    • Corda MiniFit 0.9 mm diameter for normal restorations
    • Corda MiniFit 1.3 mm diameter for power restorations
    • Matching Domes: Philips MiniFit Dome.
    • Length specification engraved in the tube


    • 1x Philips MiniFit Tube (without Dome)

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